BayBridge 1x3

Bay Bridge At Twilight

This week, we’re featuring the long exposure landscapes and cityscapes of Rick Rose, who sent in his work to be featured on the POTD. I’ve quite taken a liking to his style, which makes heavy use of neutral density filters and tiny apertures achievable with his medium format equipment.

Says Rick:

“Landscape photography has always been a personal interest of mine since I first picked up a camera. The technique behind it is more in camera which makes it more challenging and fun. I particularly like working with long exposure photography.

Composition is always key, and sometimes that extra effort to find the best spot really pays off. For urban landscapes my favorite time of day is just after sunset, when there is a bit of ambient light left in the sky and the city lights up as if it’s alive. During daylight it is fun to include content that is not stationary and using a powerful ND filter to provide effects on bodies of water and clouds rolling by that you could not obtain otherwise.

For a majority of these images I used a Hasselblad H2 and a Phase One P45+ digital back with Hasselblad Fujinon lenses. I particularly like the 50-110 for versatility. Lee filters are also an essential component of any landscape photographers kit, and I use them for a majority of my landscape work. My favorites are the Lee 10 stop ND ‘Big Stopper’ and the 105mm circular polarizing filter. I use it with a Gitzo tripod and Arca Swiss B2 ball head for reliable stability during long exposures.”

You can see more of Rick’s work on his website, www.rickrphoto.com.

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