“Well, I was really really bored one day, and figured that trying to make something funny with the use of sparklers would pass some timeJ I rigged one speedlight in my living room in front of a white wall.
I played around with my sparklers without getting any good results at all. It was kind of like when you have a craving for something, but you don’t know exactly what, you try lots of stuff but nothing tastes any good at all.

Then all of a sudden i look at a table in the room, I could almost here the trumpets celebrating my brilliant idea. There it was, the old and ancient cannonball me and my wife bought on a flea-market a couple of years ago. There is a wooden plug in the ball, covering up the hole that is meant to pour the black powder in to the ball, I pressed one sparkler in between the plug and the iron ball. Lit it and pressed the timer release on the camera.

Tweaked it a little in ps, added just a pinch of smoke and the rest is history.“- Jimmy Wernström


  • http://kaizen.morelramos.com Alejandro Morel Ramos

    Haha. Very nice!!

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