Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This amazing ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ themed shoot was executed by Australian photographer, Anthony Byron.

“The people at ice hairdressing wanted to do a photo shoot with some very cool hairstyles they had thought up, this particular 1 was inspired from breakfast at Tiffany’s and they kindly asked me to shoot it as well as the others. This was my favorite part of the shoot.

Elinchrom ranger Rx in Elinchrom 100cm Deep Octa infront of model approx 2m away and 1.5m high. I was standing right alongside shooting partially under it.
Second light was Elinchrom 20cm reflective dish with CTO gel camera left alongside model and pointed at the light behind her and so that it would just clip the edge of the hair.

I imported the photo into lightroom and made the kelvins a bit more warm than what I usually set my lights at. ( set to 5550 ) I then added contrast (+74) and boosted the shadows (+45) to get some detail back. I then set the orange colour slider to -33 to lessen the skin tone. Then exported to photoshop. The background texture was a composite via a soft light layer, and then I also added a guassen blur at 5%.
Skin retouching and some dodge/burn, some liquify on the jaw and arm area and a clean up of some stray hairs. Some topaz labs details on hair and couch, little bit of vignette, sharpening then done.”
-Anthony Byron

EXIF data:

Anthony Byron
Hair by: Helen Powell from Ice Hairdressing
Makeup chanel.loveridge
Styling: Jennifer Holt

  • jr456

    This is a great shot but I think it would be really helpful to see the shot straight out of-camera to compare. It would be nice if that was a requirement for all pictures of the day. Overall nice work though.

  • Benicio Murray

    These cant be Anthony’s words – not nearly enough spelling mistakes!

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