Brooklyn Bridge Park

Dani Diamond a photographer from New York sent this image in as a submission for June’s Picture of the Day.

“I wanted this perfect in every way and it took me 3 days in a row to go back for the perfect tide level and clouds. On the third night everything was perfect and I sat there for 2 hours with my camera on a tripod. This is a composition of 3 images one for the sky, buildings and water. Before sunset the clouds were beautiful, slightly after sunset the lights in the building came on and 20 minutes after sunset the tide level was just where I wanted it.”- Dani Diamond

D800 16-35 f4 @35mm
Sky – F11 202 Sec ISO100
Buildings – F11 2.2 Sec ISO100
Water – F8 256 Sec ISO200
ND 10 Big Stopper


  • melissaclse

    Not a big fan. Really not digging the color, and although composition is nice, I’m not convinced about the juxtaposition of the three different images. It doesn’t look quite right to me. Love that spot though! (I’ve attached a picture taken at the same spot by Chris Ozer)

  • mohawksan

    Dani’s is way better than Chris’s. Got more detail on the buildings because of the composition of the 3 images.

  • melissaclse

    That’s a very valid point. I like for post-production to be less noticeable (that’s personal taste). Dani’s is striking, and quite beautiful but it looks a little too surreal in my opinion (although I’m sure that’s his intention).

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