“I shot this picture few weeks ago. I had some days off and I posted on Facebook that I am looking for some models who want to shoot with me.
So, I was sorting out the emails and found this girl. Her name is Christine and Half German and Half Filippina. As I am also Filippino I found it interesting to make with her some pictures. As in the Philippines almost every model is half Filippina half something else.
As she told me she lives in a very tiny village I suggested to take her pictures there as I did not want regular locations, but this shot was taken in my car. Idea was to do some shoots like in the US tuning magazines as I am a big fan in the import LA scene. So, I took my car parked it in the backyard and we did some pictures.
“-Andy Ruiz

ISO 100
Focal 70mm
Fstop: 11
Speed: 1/160

fstoppers christine lighting 710x770 Christine


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