City by the Bay

City by the Bay

“I took this shot of the San Francisco Skyline from treasure island during my 3 week-long road-trip through the Southwest USA. It’s a pretty easy spot to reach and lots of tourist busses stop here by the way; the tourists get out, take a picture and get back in the bus…

I stayed in this place for almost 3 hours, first admiring the sunset, then watching all the lights go on in the distance. It was a very clear evening, no fog or mist, so I had a great view on the whole city. I’d go back to San Francisco anytime.“- Christophe Van Biesen

120 sec at f/11 ISO 50.
Shot with a Canon 5D Mk3 with 24-105 f/4 lens at 58mm.
On tripod, of course.


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