CUBE: Details of Perfection

CUBERUSSIA.RU approached us with a request to shoot a promo image for the new bicycle model.

The concept was made right away. After some examples review we found a suitable studio, took a lot of ordinary threads and have been preparing this frame for 10 hours.

At first we thought to use a fishing line but during the process we realized that it’s not easy to tie because it can’t be kept on fingers. One of the most difficult issues was hanging the sprockets. As a result, we used additional c-stands on the sides and aligned sprockets horizontally using them.

To hang the wires, as needed, we used a scotch tape creating points of support and curves in the necessary places.“- Stepan Voskresla

LIGHT: 3 Profoto D1 500. One to the fill light. And other two – with 1.8 m umbrellas.
EXIF: Canon 5d Mark I, Canon EF TS-E 90MM, f/11, 1/250, iso 100″


  • nathan

    A 5d Classic was used to shoot this?? Those things still work!!?? :-)

  • Stepan Voskresla

    i am lucky bastard )

  • Мария Белова

    Great job! My congratulations to Stepan!

  • Nick C

    A fantastic photo of one of my favourite bikes. It’s a shame that they don’t seem to have featured this on their international site as well.

  • http://jaronschneider.com/ Jaron Schneider


  • Stephen Sherrill

    Amazing shot! A lot of work but a super success. Congratulations on a job well done.

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