Double Polaroid

Erwan Cloarec a photographer and videographer from Paris submitted this image.

“Basically this is a Polaroid negative scan of a fp3000b film. It was shot with the Polaroid 600Se at f/11, shutter speed 1/250th.
It’s a double exposure of me and Valgas Moore a creative from England. Light used was continuous video light I’ve used for work, the daylight DFL Serie by Linkstar: http://tinyurl.com/k9j2gjb.

I love using polaroid, for personal projects, or to take portraits of my clients, It’s so unique. It’s a nice thing for them to have. Also it allows for cool conversations, since most people have had polaroid experiences in the past.

On a personal level, since my work involves mostly video work, and I dont always have time to shoot as much as I wished, so the polaroid has been a great way to keep it fresh and creative.” -Erwan Cloarec


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