Double Xposure

“When I was young, my father showed me slides with portraits of my mother inside a lamp or other objects.It was strange, I didn’t understand, he explained to me it was a double exposure of the same position of the film.
By fiddling Photoshop, I am approached the result of my father. In memory of the photos of my mother, one week ago, I decided to try to recreate this effect.
I just needed a portrait (here a friend) and a texture with an almost white background. Photos were made in natural light.
In photoshop, the portrait is on a layer and the texture on another one, by playing with the fusion mode, the white part of a layer delete the same part of the other one, and the black part of one layer keep or reveal the same part of the other, a bit complicated to explain. At the end I added, bird with brush to fill a white part of the picture, and the light leak effect I wanted a feeling of delight, happiness and freedom.”
- Boris Untereiner

Camera Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
Focal Length 50mm
Shutter Speed 1/4000 secs
Aperture f/2.5
ISO/Film 100


  • Stephen Sherrill

    Nice job in post processing. I like the effect on the model. But I don’t understand how the bird fits into the composition or the subject. To my eye, it just doesn’t work.

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