Drake the Dragon

“I met Drake when I was looking for a fire breather for an upcoming project, and we decided to meet for a test session at the Gas Works park near downtown Seattle, WA. At first I was planning on 30 min tops session where I just take a few shots to get an idea of what he can do and how it will fit my upcoming shoot, but after the first flame I was mesmerized by what Drake can do with fire. After two hours and a few dozen of excited visitors at the park I had a full card of every flame possible and according to Drake that was not even the half of what he is capable of creating.

Note- Drake is a professional pyro artist and fire breather. Please don’t try it on your own…

Two speed lights front on half power. the one behind is on full power to light up the oil  around the flame. Camera set on f8 1/250 to get a sharp image of  the flame without killing the flash.Lens I used was a Nikon 24-70 at around 30mm to give the fire a bit of a mass and frame the shot with the cement structure that Drake was standing in front of.”- KLeon Photography
Made by Novum