East Shore Aquarium

“I have been wanting to experiment with underwater lighting on Lake Tahoe’s east shore for quite some time, and I’ve also been trying to get out and practice my Milky Way photography any time there’s a new moon, or at least a moon that rises late / sets early. Those two desires finally coalesced last Monday 2/4/2013 and I was able to give it a try.

I had a friend with me (thanks for braving the cold, Charles) who was in charge of the underwater light stick (which I made from simple materials found at Home Depot) . Several practice shots later I finally started to get some cool results! Although I used Photoshop to bring out some of the brightness of the Milky Way, the lighting under the water was achieved completely in-camera using the the aforementioned home made ‘light stick’.” - Phil Mosby

Camera: Nikon D600
Apperture: f/2.8
Exposure: 25 seconds
ISO: 2500
Exposure bias: 0
Focal Length: 24mm
Metering Mode: Spot


  • jr456

    Interesting and beautiful shot…but why 2.8 aperture?

  • bryceguse

    I’d like to think just for more exposure. The ISO is already high, and I’m pretty sure the shutter speed on the D600 can only go down to 30 seconds, leaving aperture as the only place for adjustment.

  • Hans

    Excellent idea!!! Care to share the details on the light stick?

  • jr456

    Yeah, it looks like it when you see the other numbers. Just figured he would have gone in bulb mode with a timer at that point instead. I think some of the hardcore landscape folks would probably find a way not to shoot at 2.8 but it’s a great shot nonetheless and most of that is due to the person’s own creative ingenuity and determination.

  • http://www.photographybyrudyconrad.com/ Rudy Conrad

    not sure what you are saying since the majority of MW photos are made wide open. You can’t exceed a certain shutter speed because it will create star trails. This depends on the focal length used and the sensor (effective focal length) I have seen f1.4 used for MW photos and they look superb. I have shot the MW at f4, 15 seconds and ISO 12,800. The picture as posted here is excellent

  • http://www.photographybyrudyconrad.com/ Rudy Conrad

    looks great brother!

  • http://www.photographybyrudyconrad.com/ Rudy Conrad

    BTW, how does one submit photos for this?

  • jr456

    He also has heavy interest in the very near foreground though so that is the only reason I would question 2.8. Shooting stars alone is no issue. Still a great shot though.

  • http://www.photographybyrudyconrad.com/ Rudy Conrad

    Now I understand your previous statement…yeah, if he wanted the foreground tack sharp then focus stacking would have done the trick. Here the foreground plays a role but not a prominent one (not the colors, I mean the rocks)

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