Edge of the World

“I try to return to my hometown as much as possible. This photograph displays the beauty that I was able to experience every day growing up. The drive up Highway 18 has so many different turn-outs that make great photo ops, but it took a while before I found the right one after making a couple of U turns across the highway. One of the few (small) winter storms of the season was about to pass through, which gave way to a beautifully textured sky.

The mountain range also looks over the Inland Empire as well as Los Angeles County, which in turn gives us a great view of all of the delicious smog and pollution as well as the view (leading to some very interesting colors). I was also more than excited to test out my new Canon 17-40 lens. Dawning a winter jacket, gloves, and my camera, I jumped out of the car and paced along the edge of the mountain (seriously, it's a straight drop down off of Highway 18) to try a few different angles. Even though the oncoming storm had a foreboding look to it, the way the light filtered through the clouds made it appear heavenly." -Sara Beckman

5:32:04 PM
Feb 2, 2014
1/125 f/10
Canon 6D
EF 17-40mm f/4L USM


Made by Novum