Enveloping Light (360 degrees)

“The light that you see is made by hand. This is some sort of light painting, but I’m doing very small exposures of 1 to 2 seconds only. There is no other source of light than this one (no flash). I’m wearing black clothing to make myself invisible.”

This is the story of how I managed to take half a million pictures of contemporary dancers in the dark using light-painting, stop-motion and bullet-time techniques.
LightSpin is an experimental photography and art project that finds its source in a unique light painting technique.
Performers are improving contemporary dance movements at the center of a ring on which 24 cameras are mounted.

Their brief dances are carried out in pitch darkness, light being aimed at the subjects as to reveal their shapes and movements, thus capturing their passage in a defined space. -Eric Pare

This photo is especially awesome since there is a 360 degree version of the photo for your viewing pleasure. Pretty nifty stuff. 360 view: http://ericpare.com/s/ericpare/sg/mg7853-960-jpg-ntqp.jpg


  • Stephen Sherrill

    Great lighting effect! Well done.

  • Muhammad Affan

    Amazing very nice

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