Feels Like Home

“I first met Joe and Liana in the winter of 2009 at, of all places, the dog park. Their dog Dolce (pictured) and my dog, Olive hit it off immediately and as a result, we’d try to plan our dog park trips together so our dogs, who were obvious best friends, could play together. About a year or so after meeting them, I picked up my first DSLR and Joe and Liana became my first models. Since that time, I’ve moved away from couples shoots and now concentrate on Lifestyle/Commercial, but for the couple that started it all for me, so to speak, I am always happy to put aside some time to shoot their holiday cards, announcements, etc.

This particular photo was the result of our most recent holiday card shoot. As we no longer live in the same town and during this time of year the sun sets about the time we all get off work, we only had about a half hour to shoot. The sunsets in December had really been amazing and in discussing our concept, Liana told me she wanted something really dramatic. So with our plan in place, we got to the location, found a spot, bribed Dolce to behave, and waited for the sun to set. Within our first ten or fifteen shots, we got what we were looking for, shot a few more for good measure, with the entire shoot lasting no more than twenty-five minutes.” -John Schell

Canon 5DmkIII
Canon 35L
Manual exposure
1/5,000 sec
ISO 400


Made by Novum