“I call it the Kaleidoscope Project and it is inspired by a fashion shoot that Lindsay Adler did a couple months ago titled “prismatic” which can be found here: LINK

Within that link there is a video in which she shows a prism that one of her students made for her. I became inspired by this for a few reasons: I am a photography teacher as well and gifts from students are some of the greatest, especially when they’re photo related. I am obsessed with reflections, especially those within windows. I thought the results were really interesting and began to wonder what they would look like with different subject matter.

One day later I made one of these kaleidoscopes and then went on a hike with it. (Most of my personal work involves going on hikes and finding small and beautiful natural elements to photograph)
These two photographs were not taken on that first day, but are two of my most popular in the series that I have growing.

“Haze” is a quasi self portrait taken in my front yard at f/4, 1/80sec with a 70mm focal length. I edited both of these and all of the others in the series using radlab by www.gettotallyrad.com

Generally speaking, I like all of my client and personal work to look clean and natural/realistic without too much over-editing. For this series I have pushed that and am not only trying to find a new way to see (literally) with the use of mirrors but also with color and tonal depth and I have described this series on Facebook as so, “Explorations in Photography, Science & Geometry, but mostly in Perception, Dreaming and Positivity”- Heather Palecek


Second Photo “Fern”

fstoppers potd Fern 710x473 Haze



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