Horse at Dawn

“This photo was an opportunistic snapshot of sorts, which may come as a bit of a surprise. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t just happen to be at the El Mirage dry lakebed recreational area at sunrise, and just so happen to stumble across a Ferrari FF sitting there… Allow me to explain. I was out working with a small crew on a film project with the likes of filmmaker and photographer Richard Thompson III, FStoppers regular contributor Andrew Link, Michael Crenshaw of RIDES Magazine, and the lovely and talented Lauryn Bocook.

I saw the light was right, nothing was happening at the moment, so grabbed this candid shot between other happenings of the morning. Link and Crenshaw have been kind enough to allow me to use this as a personal/portfolio image, now that their sets are released to the public of course. As far as simplicity goes, you don’t get a lot better starting points than this. The colors in the image have (you guessed it) been augmented heavily for stylistic purposes. “- Nate Hassler

Canon 1DS Mark III
EF 35mm f1.4
ISO 100
No polarizing filter
Evaluative metering
Heavy post processing


  • v2lab

    Meet Nate Hassler, the man himself, at SEMA this week ^_^

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