fstoppers_potd_Juice Double exposure

I Have a Brain to Pick With You

“I originally did this photo a couple years ago before I had any strobes, and I did it by putting my camera on a tripod with about a 20 second exposure at f/11. I then used my brother’s camera (he’s the subject in the photo) as a flash by taking pictures with it to set off the pop-up flash. Needless to say, the idea was there, but the execution wasn’t. Fast forward a couple years, and my brother came into town for a visit, so we decided to redo the photo.

This time I set my camera on multiple exposure for 2 images, and then I manually fired an SB800 and LP160 to light him up. It took a few tries to get the positioning and lighting right, but I’m far happier with this outcome!”- Aaron Aubrey

ISO 200
Nikon D700 w 24-70 2.8G


Made by Novum