Inner Child

Andy Wana a portrait photographer that specializes in creative cosplay photography submitted this photo.

“I am an amateur photographer who have always wanted to try a more experimental outdoor fashion/ candid photography. With this particular shot, I wanted to capture that unforced/ candid expression whilst the model was in motion against a beautiful backdrop. I want to tell a story about finding the inner child with this one photo frame.

To achieve the fairy tale inspired atmosphere and background. I deliberately choose lots of warm colours and glow with flying dust around within her. The cloud cover makes the whole scene a lot softer too with even diffused lighting around.

The reality could not be further from what the image suggested since it was a pretty chilly winter morning in Sydney, Australia. Our shoes were sodden and we have flora and fauna all over us when the shoot is over.” – Andy Wana

Equipment used:
Canon 5D MKII
Canon EF 85mm L II

Post processing:
“Shot with just natural ambient light at around 8am in southern hemisphere winter. Post processing done in Adobe Camera RAW (colour temperature, curves, contrast and exposure tweak) and Photoshop (light leaks, warm photo filters and coloured vignettes).” – Andy Wana

Model: Pockami
Photographer: Andy Wana (www.facebook.com/AtelierWPhoto)

  • Norshan Nusi

    Beautiful indeed :)

  • Andy Wana

    Thanks Norshan! Much appreciated

  • Norshan Nusi

    No problem at all! ;)

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