It’s Not What You Look At That Matters; It’s What You See

“One fine evening me and my friend decided to meet at the coast of the sea in Karachi, PK. W met there in the evening according to our plan and were waiting for the perfect sunset. We were anxiously waiting to capture this year’s sunset for December. While we were waiting, an idea struck my mind; why not a Silhouette shot of a friend with sunset in the background? To capture this beautiful moment I had to use large aperture and fast shutter speed, and with my luck working in my favor, the first shot did the magic.

This magical moment was the outcome of all the multiple things that were running in my mind during my shoots. To have a great shot of a friend with a friend is the best time and this shot is the precious moment that I want to give my friend in the printed form. I have sent this image to get printed to the lab and can’t wait to give this masterpiece to my friend!”- Ghalib Hasnain

Canon 60D
F-Stop f/22
Exposure Time 1/500


Made by Novum