ChangAn Old Guy-1 (1)

Jim Hofman

Today’s top 30 POTD for April was sent in by Jim Hofman. A great candid of a certainly unique character. Great shot, Jim! Here’s what Jim had to say when asked how he shot it…

“I was sitting in a park in ChangAn, China taking street photos when this homeless guy came walking straight up to me. I had an 85mm f1.4 lens (manual focus) on the camera and by the time I realized he was going to hit me up for some change he was right on top of me. This is a full frame shot with no cropping!! I fired off about 6 shots with him standing just a few feet away and me leaning backwards to hit focus on his face. The light was perfect to show off all the folds in his skin and his unique dental work. He also had a great glint in his eyes. After I got my shots I gave him a few RMB (Chinese dollars) and he moved on. I was shooting at a VERY shallow DOF (f1.8) and was very fortunate I hit focus.”

  • Blah

    very nice shot!

  • 043348

    if this guy could write a story of his life, what will he be in his next reincarnation?

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