Let’s Paint With Light

“Recently I started shooting cars for my portfolio and one of the techniques that I wanted to try was light painting. I used it on some other cars previous to this one and I must say that it became one of my favorite techniques for automotive photography.

The car I used for this shot was a Porsche Boxster which was recently tuned. The photo shoot was more a spontaneous one and this made it more fun and exciting. I established all the details in about a half of hour and after that I drove to the location (a car tuning service from Brasov – Onoserv & Tuning) with my assistant.

After setting up the car’s position, I started painting it from different angles with a strip light – Quantuum dual power 300 used as a modeling light. After I light painted the entire car, I focused on its details such as the wheels, lights and the steering wheel.

For this photo shoot, which lasted about an hour, I used a Nikon D3 with a 10 seconds exposure, apperture: f/5.6, focal length: 50 mm and ISO speed: 200. The last step was editing the photo in Adobe Lightroom 5.0 and Adobe Photoshop 6.0.”- Zia Vey


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