Life and Death

Ben Greaves sent in this shot, which I appreciate for it’s abstract relation to the theme of the month. Says Ben:

“This image was taken in the morgue of an abandoned hospital in Sydney, Australia. Once a major keystone of the cities health system it has now been marked for demolition to be replaced by a newer building with more up to date technology. Myself and a few friends decided to wander through and document the place as it is being torn down.

The intention of the image was to create something you don’t see every day in a place a lot of people don’t go every day. This image represents the transportation between life and death and the soul taking one last look at what used to be. Just as the building itself is being transported from it’s old life to a new one once the construction process is complete.

The image was shot on a nikon D3S using a 24-70mm /2.8 lens and only ambient light.”

You’ve got some huge balls, my friend – I don’t think I’d ever get on that gurney!

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