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Like Magic, Time Stands Still

“This photo is a self portrait. Ever since doing the 365 days of self portraits in 2008/2009 on flickr (under the username ‘miriness’), I have loved taking creative and surreal self portraits. I feel it is like expressing myself and my overflowing imagination. I also love photoshop and creating fine art photos.

This image came from an idea of taking a self portrait where I would be drenched in the middle of a storm. I wanted to take a photo then enhance it with texture layers and color in photoshop. With this photo I started off by making my own custom snow brush and then putting a brightly colored bokeh photo on top in a layer. I then enhanced it with color balance and gradients. It all happened from just from playing around one morning with making my own custom photoshop brush and experimenting. Before I knew it I had this amazing image better then I could of hoped for. “- Anna Roberts

Canon Mark i
100mm lens
f9, 1/200 sec, ISO 100,
Off camera flash with shoot through umbrella


  • miriness

    Thank you so much! Amazing!

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