fstoppers_potd_IsyJessiFlo 574 FS

Lovely Jessy

“I made this picture in the summer here in Hannover, Germany on a well cloudy day, and as we were playing around in an old factory I saw that the sunlight started to come out. The sun was already very low cause it was already late in the evening. We shot already 4 hours at that moment.

I’ve made this shoot together with a friend of mine and we were searching for some nice models. Luckily we had the opportunity to work with Jessica on the picture and her friend Isabell who is also a photographer.
I shot this image in natural light only, around 6pm. Sun in the back, bouncing on the wall behind me. So I had a bit reflecting light.”
- Yannick D.

Camera : Canon 5D mark III
Lens : Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX DG
Shutter speed : 1/250s
Aperture : F2
ISO : 200
Metering mode : Spot


  • JoshGaede

    this is absolutely lovely. Great POTD

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