Marmot of Pangong

“While driving the hard and long way in Ladakh, India, towards the Pangong Lake from Leh, our driver pointed those furry sweeties out and I asked him to stop and take pictures. Slowly I got very near them as they were not really afraid of me. I got my 17-40 f4 lens and held the camera as low as I could and took several shots.” - Ofir Abe

Canon 5D MarkIII
17-40mm lens
ISO 100
1/320 sec


  • MichaelMagpie

    Sorry, but it looks like some weird photoshop treatment to me. Cute animals though.

  • Ulises Amezcua

    The background blur doesn´t match the subject. Look at the edge of the marmot’s fur.. looks a little fake to me. The animal is huggable though…

  • David_Silverman

    I think it’s the gopher from Caddy Shack.

  • chiaweilee

    photoshop for sure

  • Stephen Sherrill

    This image deserves an award for a genuine Photoshop disaster. The dark outline around the main subject and the animal to the left looks like a truly amateurish cut and paste job that is totally unbelievable. Even if it’s not a cut and paste job, that’s what it looks like. Sorry, but the photographer needs to work on his or her post processing skills.

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