Matchstick Men

“I normally don’t shoot abstract at all till I saw the portfolio of the 14 year old which inspired me. I decided to take a shot at this and came out with pretty good results considering this was a first.

How I did it: I used a tripod, my friend blew the candle to create shadow on only one side while I took the shot. For the portrait we used the modeling lamp from an alien B800. I was holding 2×4 piece of lumber and made tons of crazy faces till we got the right one. In post I matched the exposures and WB. Swap the 2×4 I was holding for the match, create a shadow behind and dodge + burn till the light fell on me perfectly.”- Dani Diamond

Candle photo – D800 + 100mm Macro, 1/10 f7.1 ISO2000

Portrait – D800 + 85mm 1.4g @f1.8, 1/100 ISO1000


  • Dani

    Wow never thought this would used here. Sweet, thanks Rebecca.

  • Robert Koren

    Looks nice ,but the shadow of the man have wrong direction….But still good idea

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