McFly Next Generation

“A friend of me asked to do some pictures of her couple, but not “simple portrait”, she wanted something “original”. She showed me pictures of levitation and asked if it was possible and easy to make it. We had the idea, but not the scene.

One day she ordered shoes, light gray sneakers, a bit like the Nike Mag of Marty McFly in “Back To The Future 2″. When I came to her flat to shoot, scene was not clear in my head. I asked if she had a skate like Marty (I didn’t forget Marty since the shoes ordering). Answer to joke “No, but I’ve got a small ironing board !”… I had my Hoverboard !!!

I put my camera at one place in the living room/lock the setting, to take exactly the same frame. I took pictures of the sofa only, sofa and expressive husband, sofa and expressive wife in height on ironing board (on stool). I used two softboxes, one one each side of the sofa. Between each, details didn’t have to move. And with photoshop I combined them, add poster, smoke and booster, bend ironing board. Original levitation portrait was done.”- Boris Untereiner

Canon EOS 7D
Focal Length 17mm
Shutter Speed 1/250 secs
Aperture f/10
ISO/Film 100


  • Cody Griffin Edger

    Love it! Very creative and I love the color tones! I kinda wish her fingers weren’t cut off, but a great shot nonetheless!

  • Gary Clark

    cool …

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