“My girlfriend and I were on vacation and we decided to go to a museum with snakes and insects. After we entered the museum we discovered that there was one room which was covered with black curtains. We asked for permission to enter that room and no one was there so we decided to take the risk and see what was in there. After we entered we were lucky to see one of the most incredible things of our lives a newborn butterfly was standing there and stared us with a lovely expression and the permission to take a photograph from her first steps in life. Seconds after the shoot one of the security guys was there and we got the way out. Seconds? Maybe less but trust me this was unforgettable.. Hope you feel exactly the same way I felt.”- Alexandros Giovanis

Camera NIKON D7100
Lens 50mm
Focal Length 50mm
Shutter Speed 1/40 sec sec
Aperture f/1.8
ISO/Film 640


  • Stephen Sherrill

    What an amazing moment. You were so lucky to have stumbled on to this opportunity. As a result, you have a wonderful shot that you can be proud of. A real winner!

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