“The picture I enclosed to my email is a picture I shot of MUSE’s concert on Tuesday [June 18th].

As soon as I was accredited to shoot this concert, I knew it was going to be a hard one. We were only allowed to shoot song 4 to 7 from the other side
of the stage, saying at the very end of the extremely long catwalk. Once I got there, I was given my pass and wristband and about twenty minutes before MUSE hit the stage, we were escorted to the side of the stage,
where we had to wait behind a fence for someone of MUSE’s management to come and collect us by the end of the third song. We were literally encaged like animals, just to make sure we couldn’t see anything of the show before we were allowed to take pictures.

Finally, by the end of the third song, we were escorted to our spot. I knew that, during that song and the next, Matt was going to stand right in front of us, so this was the gear for tonight:
I had on me my Canon 5D mark III with 24-70 2.8 lens and my Canon 5D mark II with 70-200 2.8 including 1.4 converter.
As expected, Matt took it for a run over the catwalk and every movement seemed to be exactly what he had done on previous dates. Lights were absolutely amazing. It wasn’t dark yet, which gave us a nice dramatic sky behind the impressive stage.After four songs, we were escorted back to the press unit, stripped from our passes and wristbands and guided to the exit via a service exit.
Since the lights were so good, there was hardly any post processing.”
- Tim Tronckoe

1/640 sec.
ISO 1600
no flash


Made by Novum