Beautiful waterfall after a rainy week

Near the Caves of Vallorbe

Karim Kanoun a landscape photographer from Switzerland submitted this amazing photograph he took near the Caves of Vallorbe.

“I took this long exposure photo at sunset time near the Caves of Vallorbe in Switzerland. I have used the Sony Nex-5 camera with Sel18-200mm lens and the big stopper Lee filter and mounted to a Velbon tripod. The exposure was for 67 seconds and I have post processed with Aperture.

First I set the camera on manual mode (here I used f/8 for the aperture), then I did a manual focus and measure the normal shutter speed needed for a photo without the filter. Finally, I added the ND filter and multiplied the normal shutter speed by a coefficient that depends on how many stops has your ND filter (for my case it was a 10 stops filter). I found that the long exposure gives a magical fairy tale style to the photo which is so relaxing and very beautiful.”-Karim Kanoun

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