Niagara Falls

“I’v been to Niagara Falls so many times, but this is my first time to Niagara Falls after my Canon 7d to a Canon 5D mark III upgrade. I always like to take pictures of Niagara Falls with lights on and was little late to capture the image during golden hour, but I was very happy with the image I captured.“- Venkatreddy Kancharla

Canon 5D Mark iii
Canon 17-40 L at 24 MM
f/6.3 at 8 Sec
ISO 100
Edited in Lightroom 5


  • Village9991


  • Stephen Sherrill

    I’ve seen so many shots of Niagara Falls but nothing like this one. Beautiful lighting. The mist and the city skyline in the distance all add to a fantastic composition. A real Winner!!

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