No Tomorrow

“The photo was taken in Curitiba Parana Brazil, using a Gopro Hero 3, where I always wanted to make a picture like that, many have called me mad after seeing the photo, but to me it was worth it and I intend to continue with a series and this is the first photo [in the] series. The building has 19 floors, and I intend to take in the next higher places. I’m Guto Tarasiuk, I’m 19 years old and [I've been a] photographer since I was 14 years old.”- Guto Tarasiuk

Gopro HD3
f/2.8 1/300s  ISO-100



  • Stephen Sherrill

    Great shot! Very compelling. I love the camera angle. It gives me the creeps to think about sitting on the edge of that building, but you made an image that grabs the viewer’s eye and won’t let go. Well done.

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