October Morning

“I´ve always been dreaming of capture mist in the morning, but the problem is that I´m really tired getting up around 6. One day I was looking out the window, in hope of seeing some mist. This day I woke 5:30 and couldn’t fall asleep again, so I sad to myself, lets go out and try catching it.

It was a perfect October morning and I took my rain boots on for a walk. A few days ago I passed this beautiful landscape walking around, and on that evening the mist was all over the landscape. I was walking without my camera, so I knew exactly were I should go this morning.

When I arrived I was met by 10 horses, they were very curious and almost knocked the tripod, but I saved it. After many trials of getting the right pose from the horse and enough light I fired this shot. I have never been so satisfied after taking this photo, and nowadays I often gets up around 5:30 watching the weather and hoping to catch a better and better photo.”- Andreas Svegland

1/25 sec
F 13
16 mm
ISO 100
Whitebalance: Auto


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