Part of the Team

“An exhaust manifold, once fitted to David Coulthard’s Red Bull Racing RB2 Formula One Car which raced around the globe. Fascinated by the world of F1, and having clients involved in the sport, these manifolds found their way to my office where I was lucky enough to spend time photographing them.

Wanting to create something a little different for this chromed version, I used a string of LED’s to lightpaint the background and illuminate the manifold. With F1 being the pinnacle of technology and motorsport, the idea was to create a ‘blueprint’ of the manifolds contours and add a theatrical/futuristic element to the image.

The manifold was supplied by Racing Gold and their ‘pART of the Team’ range.“- Richard Pardon

Shutter Speed: 10s
Aperture: F/20
ISO: 160
Focal Length: 59mm
Lens: 24-70 F2.8 L
Body: 5D Mark III


Made by Novum