Rising Sun in South Punjab Pakistan

“I have spent 21 years of my life in South Punjab Pakistan, and recently I came back home after finishing college in Thailand. When I did came back home I came to know that South Punjab was now recognized as a new province, and my province or the part of country I live in has so much culture to offer. Alexander the great was here, and so much happened in this province. So, I took charge of my camera and my creativity and started taking shots of different places in the Province.

Recently we had EID celebration of Muslims, when they do offerings of animals. My friends and I borrowed a car and went out. I took my camera, my only EOS 400D, and went to “Head Muhammad Wala” a beautiful bridge which has several gates. As we were hanging out and having fun, I saw a camel rider, who earns his living by giving people camel ride. I was 50 feet away from the guy, on the lower side of the water canal, as he passed by me. I saw beautiful sun light behind him. I thought of a great shot, and took it, but when I did, I kept on looking at it for almost few mins not sure but maybe more than 5 mins, on asking of my friends why are you so happy. I said I finally found a voice for my province. I found a remarkable gem, cant you see? Our people are living in poverty, but they do not deny who they are or where they come from. They have been using camels to carry heavy loads, and now they are using it to assist the people who come from afar, it’s opening doors for tourists, and for people who are interested in Cultural study. Finally they got the thought.

I would name this photograph: “Rising sun in South Punjab Pakistan”, because my country is considered one of the biggest terrorist supports in the world, which at some point is true, because some people are spoiling this nations name, but few men/women like me are alive keeping things the right way, passing the message. The reason “Rising Sun” is because we are rising out of this terrorism crap, and becoming a great nation which offers great tradition and culture for all the people across the Globe, and sadly if people like Mala Yousafzai do write such things for the betterment of this nation and they got shot by the Alqaida. Good thing she is still alive.

I am Paul Talib Haroon, the founder of “King’s Art Photography” ( founded in 2011 in World Missions Foundation studios World Mission Continuum). My life I have been always fascinated by photography and art. My mom has been my greatest supporter, and my teacher Sawang Treetippayapitak the chief editor of WMF (World Mission Continuum). Now I am progressing more and more. My dream is to cover the poverty and war after effects in Afghanistan at some part of my life, and write a photo journal about the missionary suffering in Romania and North America.

I am a photographer, blogger, designer, rider…” -Paul Talib Haroon

Cannon EOS 400D
Lens- 55-250mm
Aperture- f/3.6
Shutter Speed: 1/80
ISO- 1600


Fstoppers Author’s Note:

Yesterday was Paul’s birthday when I had stumbled upon this photo in the Fstoppers Facebook Group. I want to take a moment and wish Paul a very happy birthday. You keep doing what you love, represent your province and inspire those around you. Happy Birthday from Fstoppers! -Rebecca Britt

  • Birdie

    This picture and story are so cool. Happy Birthday from Canada – Birdie-

  • richiegrant

    Love you Paul, Love your work, love your heart! I will share this with my friends!!

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