Rock of Ages

“Sarah & Paul were such an incredible couple to work with this past weekend.  They picked out this amazing mansion in Sharon, MA to take their first look photos.  As we walked around the property, we stumbled on this path.  It’s actually a path for what looks to be a pretty killer frisbee golf course.  Anyway, these trees were nuts, we knew immediately that we had to use them for a photo.  

The lighting was unreal, the day was overcast and the trees helped to tame any sun that tried to come through.  We’ve been trying our hand at the Brenizer method every now and again.  So with this shot, we really, really loved the trees and knew the Brenizer would be a perfect fit here.  So using the Canon 85 1.2 on a 5d Markiii we composed approximately 30 images to make this image.  When photoshop stopped making it’s magic with photo merge we couldn’t have been more thrilled to share this photo with Sarah & Paul.  Enjoy!“- Matt Hinkley


  • Seth Hardy

    Oh whatup HinkleyPhoto. Awesome shot.

  • Julian Ward

    Incredible, nice photos HinkleyPhoto

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