Sailing Nyon

“This picture was taken in October 2011, on Lake Geneva, in a town called NYON. I had ventured there for what was to be my first solo show, which was also my first show period.
Nyon is a small town nested between Lausanne and Geneva, it’s a lonely place to start on a journey into the world of photography, an isolated one but one that has the power of dreams floating right off the lake.

The lake like many close to mountains has a unique soul… it comes from the ages and has seen men’s dreams wash it’s shores for ever. As I had finished my installation in the gallery, I went for a walk along the lake to seek for peace of mind and reflect on the opportunity that had been given to me to show for the first time my images and expose my soul and myself.

The clouds, the lake, the light all offered a peaceful and magical moment that I felt I needed to capture. There is strength to silence and this was one of those moments where everything came together. Here the lake, the mountains and the sky all seem to be drawn towards the setting sun while the boat remains frozen unable to find a way home.

When I look at this image I feel both the strength and might of Mother Nature and the quiet nurturing setting that eases the soul and accompanies any venture, any journey.”- Maxime HIBON

Camera: Leica X1
Dimmensions 4272 x 2856
Exposition: 1/250 f 5.6
Iso 200


Made by Novum