Shooting for Fun in Brasov, Romania

“I took this shot at the beginning of August, in the historical center of Brasov, Romania (my hometown) just for fun. For this photo shoot I chose two professional models: one male (Mihai Bran – professional model at Elite model agency from Milan) and one female (Andreea Rotaru – professional model at AgressioneModels agency from Romania). We walked around the center of the city until we found this beautiful street surrounded by old houses. Because this was a photo shoot for fun no one was paid and the clothes that the models wore belonged to their personal wardrobe.

I used a Nikon D3 85 mm, f/1.8 af-d, high speed triggers, a beauty dish up right 45 degrees (300 w) and a front on camera ring flash (600 w). The photo shoot lasted about two hours, during which I took 270 frames. The last step was editing the photo in Adobe Lightroom: no blur was added, and the only retouched element was a strand of hair from the female’s head. The results were 8 final pictures, which included this one.“- Zia Vey

Camera Nikon D3
Exposure 1/2500 sec
Aperture f/1.8
Focal Length 85 mm
ISO Speed 125


  • EnticingHavoc

    The lighting is a bit odd. Due to (over)perfect illumination there is a distinctive (and perceivable) lack of shadows that gives the impression of floating models … or even worse is bears some resemblance to a studio shooting with the street scene inserted later in post-pro (in an amateurish way).

    Additionally there are visible hints of excessive highlight recovery on the left side which stems from the fact that part of the street was exposed to direct sunlight while part of the scene was shadowed. It gives the whole image a slightly uneven appearance and detracts from the models.

    The pose and posture of both models would be subject of further discussion …

    The roundup : Albeit a pro image it’s marred by a few technical difficulties that don’t cast the very best light on the photog herself.

  • Zia Vey

    ok tks for your opinion :)

  • Tom Weishaar

    Thanks “EnticingHavoc”! Well done and valuable insight.

  • Jessica

    So beautiful!

  • IntaG

    agree about lighting coments and “freeky hand” sneaking ….i have big pet peave with hand coming out of nowhere on somebodys body. Like in this case female models arm around girls waist and all you see os just hand. Like from Adams family :) Her hand is posed very award as well.

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