Sneaking Viper

This one has a long backstory. It was my first shoot ever, I didn’t even have so much as a practice session. I was actually nervous as to how to shoot the car, what methods to use and what to avoid. Reading how-tos and watching YouTube videos doesn’t prepare you for that first shoot, it’s truly a great experience and at the same time a bit jarring.

I settled on an abandoned airport parkade, opting to use the ramp that led up to the rooftop. It just looked good to me and I went with it for a majority of my shots. The car itself was aggressive, imposing and in a way it made my job easier, not a single angle gave me a ‘boring’ shot.

In post I went through the usual barrage of levels and desaturating and bringing up certain areas to get an overall tone for the image. I left the red stripe fully coloured just to add a little something to the image. Overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out and for me, it was like a dream come true to be able to get hands on time with a car like this.” – Anitesh Jaswal

f/4.5, 33mm, ISO2000, 1/1250


Made by Novum