Soon a Student

Dennis Larsen a photographer in Denmark submitted this image for the June’s photo of the day.

“So the idea for the shoot was, that I just got my graduating “hat” and only three exams to go, until I can be called a student. The thoughts was, that I should be in the middle of a bunch of floating caps. I wanted to be creative but still with an easy setup.

My setup was:
My cheap speedlights, a Triopo flash in a 41 cm beauty dish with a honeybee grid on in a 45 degree angle above camera (flash on 1/4th power)
For catchlight I used my Walimex flash on full power with a small soft box on, to restrict the light (I don’t have a snoot)
Last and not least my Canon eos 6D with the cheap “Plastic fantastic” 50mm F1.8 on. I shot several pictures of the hat afterwards, not changing anything, either the focus or settings (I used my iPhone with the wifi function when shooting selfies, for the opportunity to see what I’m doing.”
- Dennis Larsen


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