“I have been doing photography for quite a few years but within the last year and some months I have stepped into the world of people photography and lighting (both studio and on-location). It has been an amazing journey and I cannot wait to see where it leads me. I am currently looking for unique ways and locations to take my photography to the next level and also to network/build a reliable team/network of photographers, models, hairstylist and makeup artists that I can work with on future projects.

I had been wanting to shoot at this location in Muttontown, NY for quite sometime as a couple of friends had previously shot here. It is a very unique location that is quite unknown to many because you would never expect it to be there. I still find it amazing how I have lived on Long Island most of my life and I am still finding great locations either through my own scouting or friends. The concept was simple, slightly dark and dramatic style shoot. This was my first time shooting wide open with a Neutral Density (ND) filter and it definitely will not be my last. Despite the cold weather that day, the shoot turned out successful and we captured many great images… I plan to head back to this location soon for a new project that I will release over the next month or so.

This was my first time working hairstylist and Makeup artist on own of my own shoots. I have to say it was truly awesome having them around. If you ever get the chance to work with either, I recommend it. It takes your photos to a new level and of course helps in post… Without my team, this shoot never would have been as successful as it was.”- Jeff Lohne

Canon 5D mark ii
Canon 70-200 F/2.8 ii
B+W 2 stop ND filter
Paul C. Buff Silver Beauty Dish 22inch
Alien Bee 1600

F/2,8 ISO100 75mm 1/125sec


Model: Tamar Solaimani
Hairstylist: Marie Martyn Gonzalez (Salon Tres Chic)
Makeup: Dana Conklin Siano (Salon Tres Chic)
Tres Chic Salon: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salon-Tres-Chic/190381084335495

  • Jeff Lohne Photography

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