fstoppers_potd_Sunset Solitude

Sunset Solitude

“I was just hanging out at the boardwalk with a few friends when I saw the sun was starting to set behind the Ferris Wheel. So I told my friends to go wait and ran to my car to just grab my gear, and upon returning started setting up to grab a few shots quickly as I didn’t want to hold my friends up.

I shot this on a Friday night so the boardwalk was relativity busy and had me several images to use as a clean plate for the background. Along with that I was shooting with a ND4 filter to cut down 2 stops of light. I also had two speedlights with shoot thought umbrellas. One on camera left firing downwards at full power and one on camera right for fill at 1/4 power. The sun was then just used as a back light and for a little bit of flare.

At the end of the day I am happy with how this quick snapshot of a friend during a day we were just hanging out, and shout out to Phil for being a great friend to stand still why I took silly photos of him.”- Austin Burke

Nikon D5200
Tokina 12-24mm @ 19mm F7.1
1/200th Sec
100 ISO


  • Sean Tucker

    Really great image. Well done.

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