Team Ocean Isle Fishing Center

“I was hired by Team OIFC out of Ocean Isle Beach, NC to do a video & photo shoot highlighting their team in a series of ads and highlight videos to be published in national publications in print and online over the next year. They are sponsored by Yellowfin Yachts and Yamaha Outboards and needed some “unique shots” of their boat and equipment. We only had 2 days available to shoot – so picking the best looking weather out on the ocean, we headed out about an hour before sunset in their boat and a chase boat. After shooting almost all of the available light in video mode, I switched over to shooting a few photos and lucked out with some very nice light cast across the ocean.”-Chris Campbell ©2013 Campbell Photography Studio

Nikon D800
Date 12/2/2013
Shutter 1/1000
Exposure Manual
F-Stop f/2.8
ISO 200
Focal Length 32mm
Lens 17-50mm f/2.8


Made by Novum