The Beauty and the Forest

“My wife, Nicole Williams, decided to help me out in my new studio by making her own flower crown and fashion style. Not only did I want to photographer her for individual portraits but for conceptual art photography. This image is a composite. The original image is with her on a stool and a gray background. I used an Einstein e640 for her key light and and a speedlite to back light her hair and shoulders. Overtime, I used many photoshop techniques to lighten up her surround atmosphere to make it looks realistic. I would say that the most important part about doing a composite image is to make sure that the shadows are realistic. If the shadows are correct then everything should fall into place with some tweaks here and there.”- Austin Williams

Canon 5D mrk ii
Canon 85mm 1.8 @ f/11
ISO 200
1/160th of a Second Shutter


  • jr456

    I like the concept but I have to honest and say I’m not a fan of the pose and the stool looks like a studio prop. The top of the stool is too white and the sides too yellow to actually be in a forest. I do think the shadow work was well considered though even if a bit strong; you normally wouldn’t get a shadow that strong nor light that bright on the face on what appears like a shady/cloudy location like above.

    Thank you for sharing though…despite those mentions I find it a very pretty shot.

  • http://kinorafilms.com/ Paul

    I like the styling and the colors, but that pose is a pretty awkward. It looks a bit like she’s trying to use the bathroom.

  • Austin Williams

    Thanks rj456. The log is actually composited in as well. We started off with a normal white stool. Thanks for your feedback!

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