The Museum

 Bruno Marín a 23 year-old graphic designer from Valencia, Spain took this beautiful photo of The Natural History Museum of London while he was visiting for the second time . 

“This is the Natural History Museum of London. My second time at this amazing museum. The first time I was there I did not have enough time to take pictures, so I waited for this time to take this photo. 
The architecture of this building is almost magic. The stone, the light, the majesty of it all make the place one of my favourite places ever.  I highly recommend you to go there if you have the chance, its totally worth it.


I used my Canon EOS 60D and my 16-35mm Canon lens. As my camera has that thing named a ‘crop factor’;  I can’t totally profit from the wide of the lens, so I decided to take as many pics as I could in order to re-compose them later in postproduction. I didn’t know how it would be, but I did it anyway. 


So the final image is composed by 9 photos. To take it I used a normal tripod, and I made sure that every image was properly framed with the previous one. I shot with the lowest ISO, which in my camera is 100, f/16 and 10 seconds exposure, to avoid people passing in front of the camera. Thats the reason why it seems that the museum was empty that day, but it wasn’t. 


I put them together in Photoshop CS6, manually (the merge application didn’t work in this case), so the final image has so much detail. Then I used some homemade presets for the b&w combined with a low opacity layer of Silver Efex Pro preset, some contrast and thats it. Actually the real work on the image was to put all the photos together, where I easily spent 10 hours doing it, and I must say that I’m pretty happy with the result.”-  Bruno Marín

Bruno’s 500px page
Bruno’s Vimeo Channel

  • George Fairbairn

    Absolutely love this photo.

  • Summersunshine

    Stunning Architecture …luv the Angles, Nooks & Cranies!! Summersunshine from Rockville MD

  • Stephen Sherrill

    Congratulations! All your hard work has really paid off. This is a stunning image that you can very be proud of.

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