The Viewpoint to the End of the World

“Finally I got to this place I found some months ago, the pic that I have wanted to take since I was here for the first time. This is an American-like viewpoint not so far from where I live in Valencia, Spain. There are not many viewpoints like this one in Spain, as far as I know. I found it while browsing Google maps and then I went to this place, but conditions were not good for taking a picture at that time. Then now, some months later I was able to come and finally take the picture I wondered from the beginning. Waking up so early was totally worth it.

I used a 10 stops Haida ND filter, my Canon 6D and my Canon 16-35mm.
Then, I played a little with Photoshop to get that white mist more visible, and making the horizon invisible. I like this kind of black&white images, they are relaxing. I also like symmetry, as you can see.”
- Bruno Marin

Focal Length 17mm
Shutter Speed 139 secs
Aperture f/5.6
ISO 100


Made by Novum