Under God

Mark Polege a photographer based out of St.Louis, Missouri submitted this awesome photo of a Cathedral in the city he lives in.

In St.Louis, Missouri I belong to the St.Louis Photography Club and they have been organizing photographic tours of some of St.Louis’ more prominent landmarks. Last Saturday (June 8th) the Cathedral Basilica in St.Louis was one of those landmarks.

This photo, which at least for now, I am calling “Under God” is one of the photographs I took with my Nikon D80 with an 18mm-70mm DX lens at a focal length of 22mm, at an ISO of 100, f.22 for 30 seconds from a tripod mount. I mostly prefer to shoot in natural light, as I did here, and I keep photoshop tweaks to a minimum, having started out as a film photography many years ago.” -Mark Polege


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