Winter’s Beauty

Damien Bapst a hobbyist photographer and layout artist on such movies such as ‘Despicable Me 2′ and the ‘Lorax’ submitted this dazzling photo of his wife while it was snowing outside.

“The shot was taken with a Nikon D800 and a Nikon 24-70 lens at 70mm, f4, 100 iso, 1/60 sec.
I used a Phottix Odin system to trigger 2 speedlights (a sb900 as backlight, and a sb700 with a small softbox in front).
There was some snow on my wife’s hair, and while she was trying to remove it I took this picture!”
-Damien Bapst

You can find more of Damien’s work on his 500px page.

  • Guylo

    Very nice lighting and composition. Really an amazing work.

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