Meet The Fstoppers Team: Reese Moore

Reese Moore Fstoppers Spotlight Meet The Fstoppers Team:  Reese Moore

My name is Reese, and I’m a photographer and writer based out of Charleston, South Carolina. My section, The Fstoppers Spotlight, is where I track down some of the most interesting photographers in the industry and chat with them about their careers. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2008 with a BFA in Photography and a second major in English, and quickly realized I had absolutely no idea how to become a professional photographer in the “real world”. I was totally comfortable cross-processing medium format film, but I also briefly thought “Pocket Wizards” were characters from Harry Potter.

After a short stint in fashion writing at a national magazine in New York City, I missed shooting so I picked up and moved to Charleston for a photography internship. That’s about when I met Lee Morris and Patrick Hall, who adopted me both as an assistant and little sister. Three years later, these guys are still giving me a hard time, but I’m now a full time freelance writer and photographer, so it’s fair to say that I’ve learned a lot since then.

Today I do a little bit of everything. I own my own weddings business and currently serve as society editor at Charleston Magazine, and I regularly shoot for a number of local news media as well as the Jazz Artists of Charleston and Charleston Fashion Week. I guess you could say I have a hard time sitting still. It’s a little crazy sometimes, but every day that I get to wake up and shoot makes it worthwhile!

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