[BTS Video] 49ers Photographer Michael Zagaris Breaks Down A Game Winning Play

A few days ago we showed you what it's like to be a Sport Illustrated Editor. The NFL Conference Championship games are about kick off in a few hours so it seems fitting to bring you San Francisco 49ers team photographer Michael Zagaris as he talks about capturing the two key plays of the '9ers Division Championship game. Enjoy!

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Eric C. Gould's picture

Great job Marc.  Love seeing all the images and getting the inside prospective from Micheal. And, perfect timing - go 49's. 

Patrick Hall's picture

Hmmm...we don't seem to have many sports photographers here; surely more people are interested in this sort of thing?

There are sports photographers here!  I lurk in the background more than I post.  It's interesting to hear his side of the game, I feel a lot of the same things when shooting motocross races.  I'm really into what's happening in the race and how it affects the points during the season but when it comes down to getting the shot all that gets pushed aside, favorite rider or not.

Pasha Kyrychenko's picture

Nothing special, i can tell this kind of stories about every shot i took when my local team was playing.
His photos are not so great,ordinary sports photos.Other way, if i'am wrong, i am great photographer ,because my photos of football game are same caliber and even better.

I like people say 'we' when they don't own any part of the team or are out there in a uniform on the field getting pounded week in & week out.

If you watch NFL network you'll know that Z was the first team sports photographer in all of the NFL. He was brought on by Bill Walsh in the 80's and his most famous photograph is one of Montana and Walsh drawing up a play in an NFC Championship game. He's just as much a part of the team as anyone. He's been there in San Fran longer than players, coaches, and owners. If you follow the 49ers, you know Z.